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People often think of grief as something to do with death. Effectively, it is the loss of something within your life that you have not comes to terms with. It is a loss of hopes, dreams and expectations for the future.

This can include many things and here is a list of those that you may be grieving over:-

Death of a Child
Moving house
Loss of friends
Death of a partner
Death of a family member
Family moving away
Kids going to University and growing up
Loss of a Pet
Loss of your health
Loss of a job
Loss of your freedom

These are only some of the losses that you can experience. People react to these in different ways. Many become anxious, depressed or comfort eat. Some turn to spending, alcohol or, or even drugs. Learning to deal with the loss means that the outcome can move you forward and mend your broken heart. Having someone with a listening ear to hear you is so important.

Undergoing an educational programme with the Grief Recovery Method enables you to have tools in place to use in everyday life’s challenges.