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Carol Wright

Your Personal Life & Health Coach,

Grief Recovery Specialist

Live your life by dealing with life’s challenges and losses and reducing stress on the body. Calm autoimmune diseases and stress by accepting the loss with an open heart and mind.

Personal Life Coaching

Does your life feel stuck? Have you lost sight of your goals? Do you lack the self-confidence to take the next step? Do you long to be more in tune with your life again? If such or similar worries weigh down on you, coaching can help you overcome them. Coaching is not about investigating the causes or coming to terms with the past. A life coach is not a psychotherapist. Rather, it is about showing you different perspectives and inspiring you to change your life and dare new things – so that you can harness your full potential.


It is important to know that, as a life coach, instead of simply telling you what to do, we will find out what you need to do together in order for you to achieve your goals and regain your sense of motivation and satisfaction.


Awaken your daily health

Many people have no idea why they eat what they do because they eat emotionally without any consideration the impact it may have on their health. In order for the brain to work better, it needs to be fed with real food, positivity and less stress. When eating healthy you gain focus and energy which gives more clarity and better performance at work and at home. However, as with many things in life, this knowledge or insight must come from you and by changing habits and behaviours, that change and knowledge will come.


With transformational coaching, you get to know your own strengths and weaknesses and develop an understanding on eating habits, sleep, stress and movement.

Changing habits can change your life

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What Is Life Coaching?

Many people continuously work at their maximum capacity. They might be successful in doing this, but cannot enjoy their success because they are never able to relax and their health suffers.

 Thankfully, people can change. You can bring these two seemingly contradictory areas of your life into a healthy balance, thereby reuniting your body and mind. By leading an active and grounded lifestyle, you will be even more successful in the long run.  Sometimes this means when you are not together as a family but want the best for them.

 Through efficient stress-reduction training, effective time management, and dedicated coaching, you will learn how to approach yourself and your life in a new way.


Who Is Coaching For?

Everyone!  We are no longer able to identify our true self when we are so often trapped in our familiar comfort zone.

 Effective coaching helps you shed old behavioural patterns and hit the reset button to start with a sense of vitality and fresh energy.

 Say goodbye to your fears and obstacles – they are just obstacles that lie in the way to a fulfilled life. 

Through coaching, I will help you identify these obstacles and leave them far behind.

Make today the start of the new you

By clicking the button you have made the decision to change.  Lets hold you accountable to that change and find out what is really holding you back.  What is it that makes you grab food for comfort, or drink to numb the past?  What is stressing you out?  Do you need to declutter your mind and focus on what is important YOU! This year is your time.  If you continue the way you are, you will be in the same position this time next year.

What is The Process Like?

Coaching is a form of talking in a judgemental free zone.  We do have some structure and you will learn new things each week.  Its not overwhelming and you can practise new skills within your  working day and with your family.  Just ask and I can guide you  with the process as we speak.

1. Will I have homework to do?

Yes but its easy.  I will teach you new things each week and you can add them into your daily routines.  Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to change everything at once so its easy to manage.

2. How is the coaching carried out?

On out 1:1 call it will be visual via either messenger, zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.  During the day to day focus you an message me on Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or text.  So when you are stuck or unsure, I am always to hand

3. How do I pay?

I have various payment methods which can either be upfront or month to month.  Some clients want a pay per hour agreement.  I usually ask for a minimum of 6 of these because you won’t really get much from it otherwise.

4. Do you see people from outside the UK.

Yes, I am fully insured for work in Europe, USA and Canada.

5. Membership of UK Health Coaching Association

I am a Full member of the UKHCA.  This is regulated and we have guidance of how to work with clients as well as being fully supported.  On our Board is Dr Rajan Chatterjee (from Dr in the House and Author of The 4 Pillar Plan, Feel Better in 5 and The Stress Solution – all books I would recommend.

About Me

Carol has a wealth of experience in many things.  She was a former police officer with Thames Valley Police, and then went on to become a Qualified Lawyer through CILEX and The Law Society.  She has over 20 years experience in personal injury law dealing with both Claimants and Defendants in motor and work accidents as well as tripping and medical negligence claims. She is a currently a Magistrate dealing with crime and has dealt with family matters. 

She is a problem solver and a people person. She looks at everything from everyone’s perspective and plays devils advocate to bring out abilities you never knew you had and gets you to open up and talk.

 Carol’s specialism is rehabilitation in traumatic cases, prevention of stress, time off work, emotional eating or addictions to mask pain and prevention of future autoimmune illnesses. 

 Her experience as a lawyer enabled her to get involved in rehabilitation and assessing practical solutions for those injured at work to return and cope with the challenges they faced.  Add her mindfulness, health and lifestyle transformational coaching  to this and the whole experience takes the stress away. 

She is also an advocate for healthy eating. to aid recovery and improve the brain’s function.  Starting with gut repair and supporting nutrition for brain support thereby alleviating mental health issues in adults and children from birth to adulthood.  For employers she states “Support is crucial through the employment process for those returning to work after illness and traumas.  Making sure health and safety polices reflect personal challenges and preventing stress is critical to offer the support needed for disabled people, those with health conditions and those with mental health issues.”

 Carol is trying to bring awareness to communities about healthy eating and mindset for health challenges.  Seeing someone as a whole person rather than treating them part by part is so important to her.  She knows trauma personally having experienced many accidents and operations, involving replacement parts.  She also suffers with an autoimmune thyroid condition (Hashimotos Thyroiditis), spinal, coccyx and hand challenges and has overcome fibromyalgia.  She went on to become a health coach with The Health Coach Institute to help others, knowing that there is a better way to deal with health issues and pain other than medication, thereby transforming lives.

 Carol also has a Criminal Justice Degree in Youth Crime and understands the Broken Window effect on families.  She also has experience in health and safety, risk assessments, fraud, criminal rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol addictions, accident and injury investigation.  She would like to see habit change in those that suffer from addictions causing them to commit crimes against others. 

 Carol loves dog walking out in nature which sets her up for the day and is her form of meditation.  Her hobbies are wildlife photography, reading and studying health matters to be up to date.

 Carol believes that with the right support, people can change habits and rebuild their lives from past events and given the right coping mechanisms to deal with the future.  This helps with stress on the body allowing people to let go and lead a healthier life preventing autoimmune conditions.

 Carol is passionate about the control of sugar in our foods which increasingly affects children’s mental health, habits in sleep, food and movement and is keen to prevent thyroid, diabetes and heart disease in the future.  

 Carol is a co-author of the Number 1 Bestselling book The Woman I’m Becoming – a collaboration of 21 authors advice and guidance for teeenage girls aged 14-18 years.



“Carol looked at our family as a whole and provided guidance improving all aspects of our family life from nutrition, exercise, sleep and general emotional wellbeing. I grew more mindful as to what we were eating and learned to spend outdoor time with my family as exercise” Gabbi

I thought I was good with sugar but, Carol made me realise that there was sugar in lots of places. within two weeks, I had cut down on processed sugar and foods and had more energy. Carol also got me to think more about time and sleep which made me feel better“. Kerry

“I was very impressed with the journey you had been on and the fact that you are still smiling. Is an inspiration to all to show what can be achieved by a healthy mind set. The presentation you delivered was informative and practicable to show how simple steps can make huge improvements to your mental and physical wellbeing. Thank you for sharing your journey with Nottinghamshire Black Police Association (BPA) members at our first Regional BPA Development Day.” 

DI 2495 Lakhbir (Dave) Singh Bola Nottinghamshire Police 



” I just finished the 90-day program with Carol and, wow, she is simply amazing. I am so glad I connected with her when I did. I recently moved from the US to the UK and was struggling to get my life – and my health – put back together. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism three years earlier but never took the time to fully commit to exploring what this meant for my health, choosing to focus instead on my hectic life of a SAHM. The weeks of moving stress finally put me at a tipping point where I knew I needed help – and quick! That’s when I met Carol, a fellow thyroid patient. She helped guide me away from the foods that were exacerbating my symptoms and got me eating wonderful, lovely things I had forgotten about like olives and salmon, foods that are good and supportive for my thyroid. She gave me the best breakfast recommendation of overnight oats and that dish has been a game changer, giving me the fuel I need to get through the morning rush. Carol guided me to appropriate vitamins and advised me on the nutrients and minerals my thyroid needed to stay safe and happy. On top of all of this, she has been my personal cheerleader, encouraging me out of my stasis and to apply for full-time jobs. I’ve got two interviews coming up, my husband and I are spending more time together, and her encouragement helped make this happen. Thank you, Carol!!” Lisa Woof

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